Don’t miss Dana Hemphill on ‘The Lexi Show’ tonight

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She is the voice of her generation and with her declaration “I Shall Live”, Dana Hemphill is poised to take the gospel music industry by storm! Tonight, she is a guest on the Word Network‘s “The Lexi Show“. The Lexi show is hosted by gospel music artist,comedienne and entrepreneur Lexi Allen. Lexi’s show has swung at both ends of the pendelum as she isn’t afraid to cover controversial topics (Tonex/B-Slade, Bishop Carlton Pearson) or discuss subjects the church audience may not be ready/willing to openly discuss. On a lighter side, her parody skits are hilarious and are shared across all social media streams.

Without a doubt, Lexi knows music and it should come as no surprise that her guest tonight is Dana Hemphill. Dana’s journey of faith included embarking on a cross country journey in obedience to God. Leaving family and familiarity behind in Kansas; Hemphill’s journey of faith has taken her full circle. As cumbersome as life’s low points may be, high points like marrying the love of her life (Lewis) and the birth of their daughter have made her journey of faith worth the while.

I Shall Live 
The plans of the Lord are perfect and complete. Hemphill intimated that though her journey is replete with challenging moments, her faith continues to grow. She is now ready to share her declaration with the world, telling of the goodness of the Lord. Whether ministering on stage or leading worship, Hemphill’s ‘offering’ reaches the Heavens. Hemphill’s scriptural reference and declaration are derived from Psalm 118:17 and the she has a mighty declaration for the people of God.

Drawing Nigh
“I Will Declare”, Hemphill’s debut project includes music, production and guest appearances by Daniel Weatherspoon, Myron Butler and American Idol finalist George Huff.  On this project, Hemphill expresses the beatings of her heart on this project that will reach the worshipper deep inside each listener. Hemphill’s music is easily described as ‘relationship music’ that will place listeners in a true posture of worship lasting the entire length of the project.

Who is Dana Hemphill?

“Dana Hemphill is one of the freshest voices I’ve had the opportunity to work with. She possesses a distinct anointing that is effective and refreshing!”
-Myron Butler, Grammy/Stellar Winning Producer, Songwriter and Artist“Dana is an extraordinary talent who has a heart to match. Her upcoming album will be a blessing to all who hear it.” -Michael Weatherspoon, CEO of SpoonFed Productions

“I Shall Not Die” was my instant favorite. The moment I heard it, I was sold on the dynamic ministry of Dana Hemphill. It’s time, the world is ready for her!
-Fred Willis, SMG/SoulProsper Radio

My offering, the single, speaks the sentiments of my heart. I owe God my everything and will present my life and being as an offering unto him. I want listeners to be able to receive a word of restoration and healing to ignite the fire they once had for God! For the unbeliever, I pray that it is used as an instrument to direct them to real relationship with Christ. 
-Dana Hemphill