…It Takes One to Know One!

Yesterday, thinking about baby John leaping in his mother’s womb as Mary approached (newly impregnated with Jesus). Immediately, I (and a few friends) kicked around a few reasons why this occurred. All of us are astute bible readers so we had many stock answers as to why it was. One even shared a preposterous theory (that I won’t share) that someone even said to them!

All in all, we came BACK to the original conclusion that we have heard in church all these years. The forerunner greeted the Anointed One. The Spirit took me deeper in that. How did he know it was Jesus? Well, it was told Zacharias that John would be filled with the Holy Spirit in the womb. Being filled with the Spirit in the womb, John knew who Jesus FULLY was even as an embryo (notice-it’s not recorded that Jesus returned the salutation)!

This brings me to this conclusion: If we fast forward a few years, we’ll see that John sounded the alarm that Jesus was coming! John (though receiving great attention and even having his own disciples) turned the world’s attention to the savior (his cousin). The connection (in ministry) was present before the two of them were even born!

John didn’t live to see Jesus’ ministry fully but their encounter culminated in the Jordan River. John rebuffed Jesus’ request for him to baptize Him, later agreeing to. After John baptized Jesus a dove descended and the Lord spoke saying: “This is my son in whom I am well pleased”. At that time, Jesus was made known to all mankind that He was the son of God. John resisted the pleas from the people to rise up and ‘keep’ those who would leave to follow Jesus, instead he retorted: “He must increase, but I must decrease…”

What does that mean to us today?

It shows that John recognized that the savior of all mankind was on His way! John himself was assigned to do a mighty work, and his ‘greeting’ can be seen as so much of an indicator as to how these two would change the world!

Simply put, “It Takes One to Know One”! On the issue of world changers, many of us are surrounded by those who will never grow to do anything beyond normal! John’s ministry cost him his life, Jesus ministry was to give His life! How many of us could look around us and say that we are connected to world changers or people of greatness? Many of us innocently aspire to be great but fall short for a number of reasons! Even more astoundingly, we fail to realize our place in another’s greatness! John was Jesus’ forerunner only! He constantly reminded the people of that when they sought to remove him to a greater destiny!

It also takes strong discipline to realize that your greatness is only laying the groundwork for another’s! Had John been lax in foretelling Jesus’ coming and work, the world may have turned before Jesus even had a chance to assume His natural course on earth!Never underestimate your ‘great’ place in another’s greatness! Destiny is for all people. We are not all destined to the same end but we can’t forfeit our place out of envy for another’s!

Be thankful for those that see who you are and line up according to it! It may be friends at school, a coworker on the job, maybe even your spouse/family. These people are secure enough to not only celebrate you but prepare the world for you!

Isn’t it amazing that there are people placed in the world to get the world ready for you? Amazingly, these people aren’t too shabby either! People of note, whose influence only opens the door wider for people to find out about the great things God has placed in you! Are you a world changer? A community changer? A workplace changer? A school changer? Or are you the one paving the way for them? Whichever you are, do it with all the strength you have! There’s no room for arrogance, just a will and purpose carefully honed in on what your place in the world is!

How monumental it is that the two encountered each other before even stepping foot on the earth (womb to womb). Clearly, in regards to greatness…It Takes One to Know One!!!!





Terrible Preacher Support Group…

I just had the funniest of thoughts! How many of us know preachers that are just horrible or morally despicable(my favorite Daffy Duck word)? I was perusing facebook and came across a few and I thought, what if we started a support group to get them on point…then I thought, what if the support group was just a rouse to get them all in the same place and then kidnapped them? Where would we take them? How would we even get away with it? I don’t have a clue, just too busy trying not to disturb anybody as I laugh at myself being so silly!

Maybe we could fly them to a remote, desolate place. Then they would be forced to get to know God for real praying “Lord get us out of here!” Funny, just a thought. As I type, the Spirit has reminded me that the day will come when those self same false preachers and teachers will be victim of another rouse…that trip to Heaven only to hear “…depart from me ye workers of iniquity, I never knew you!” I guess we should stop laughing and pray for them before its too late.