SoulProsper Radio is live!

wpid-2014-05-22-03.18.49.jpeg.jpegOver the last few months I’ve been working to try and incorporate the SoulProsper Radio show format into an internet based playlist format.

About a month ago,  it all came to fruition. It wasn’t perfect, but good enough for me to consider finally sharing it with everyone.

So, here it is for all to see…the all new and improved SoulProsperRadio.

Listen in on your way to work, listen at your desk, listen on the way home and on your way to bed. I’ve found some great music I want you to hear and I’ve made it available all time of day or night.

Additionally, I’ve added some syndicated shows for you to enjoy. Some local and some national shows complete the lineup of affiliated programs airing on SP Radio.

The SP Radio show is still in production and is available on its affiliates as regularly scheduled.

The easiest way for you to enjoy SP Radio, the channel is to visit our site. There’s a player embedded right there on the home page.

I’m committed to playing the REST of the best in gospel music, but you’ve got to tune in to hear it. No matter who or what you’ve heard or where you heard it, you haven’t heard it all til you’ve heard it on SoulProsper Radio!


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