Eddie James at the Fresh Fire Conference this week in Grand Prairie



Eddie James will be at the Word of Peace International Church for the Fresh Fire Conference this Tuesday and Wednesday. James will bring a fresh anointing and holy fire to the Grand Prairie ministry to ‘shift’ you to a higher place in the Lord. You may know James from his breakout hit with the Phoenix Mass Choir (You’ve Been So Faithful)or his praise and worship breakout smash ”Freedom”. James has been successful catering to both traditional gospel and Contemporary Christian audiences.

He’s proven to be a true servant of the Lord and has shown his heart for ministry and the restoration of God’s people. Meet James each night at 7 pm, details are provided on the flyer!

What is SHIFT?
We are all designed for a perfectly individualized destiny.  Psalmist, Worship Leader, Songwriter EDDIE JAMES has been exquisitely positioned by God as a global leader of praise and worship. Through his music and ministry, he has poured into the lives of countless people around the world leading them into a deep and passionate walk with the Lord. 

Starting his musical career with a top ten charting debut release, HIGHER (with The Phoenix Mass Choir), Eddie is credited to recording seventeen life inspiring projects.  Three of those projects hit the Top Billboard Charts simultaneously last year.  Through each project, the fervent psalmist has grown spiritually and musically further providing the listener with an abundance of powerful worship and incredible praise.

Eddie’s new release SHIFT, (with Ultimate Call), is his latest offering of spirited, poignantly penned, universally engaging worship music.  SHIFT is being released as a double CD and is available on Amazon.com now and will be in stores and online everywhere September 27.  

The SHIFT set includes FIRE (disc 1) and AWAKENING (disc 2). “You can’t have an Awakening without Fire, so I decided to release these projects together to Shift culture and bring a new sound to the earth,” says Eddie.

This collection features his new Christian and Gospel Radio single “I Love You”, which is steadily rising up the BDS Gospel Radio Chart.  

Through his Atlanta based Eddie James Ministries, established in 1993, Eddie conveys strong and essential messages dealing with the most insistent issues: drugs, violence, pre-marital sex, racism, dysfunctional families and the aftermath of an un-fathered generation.  

He is also the founder of Fresh Wine Records, Fresh Wine Publishing, Fresh Wine Productions, and DreamLife which is a recovery program that restores troubled youth and young adults.

Eddie James continues to embark on world-wide music ministry efforts.  Through his rigorous schedule of live music events, church worship services and television appearances, Eddie’s passion for touching the heart of God and guiding people into His presence impacts people of numerous nations and cultures, which is Eddie’s mission and God ordained destiny.


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