Holding Pattern

As of today, I find myself in a holding pattern. As a musician and sound engineer, jobs are scarce. More scarce than powerball lottery winnings these days! I keep applying for jobs with little to no success at all. It used to be that people couldn’t find work because they weren’t looking for it! Now it seems that work just isn’t anywhere to be found for most people. As a matter of fact, the unemployment rate in America stands at 16%.
The worse part of all this is that my family needs my help. It seems that no help is in sight because it’s just not time for ‘help’ to arrive! Sounds strange but as a believer, I have placed all my trust and faith in God. I believe that God has ordered my steps(as the word says) and that he has truly written my life story out completely. However, I wonder how much longer the Heavens will be shut up and there be no rain!
Is this ‘holding pattern’ self-imposed? Strange to think that, but it could be a severe possibility. Whatever the case may be, whatever the destined outcome is I’m tired of waiting and it’s time for a REAL CHANGE!!!