This week on American Idol Stefano Langone sang “I Need You Now” by Smokie Norful. He’d made it to Hollywood and the top 24 so he’d well earned a true measure of notoriety before this week. One of his song choices included the gospel hit and to me, it meant more than anything EVER!!!

My first ever article on was an article highlighting changes to the AI format. Included in the changes was the change in song selection. As many previous contestants have failed to openly show their faith in God through song, I’d hoped that this year would be the year that gospel music made it onto the ‘Idol’ stage!!!

It turns out that this is the year! For a number of reasons only God is in control of gospel music has made its way onto national television! This feat is no small thing to me because I was discouraged after I wrote it because told me that my article was not centered around my ‘local’ writing assignment even though I included past local contestants on the show.

Maybe vindication is the word…my Grammy predictions article was also flagged because it wasn’t ‘local’ enough. I was about 70% accurate with my predictions! I’m just glad that I know my subject locally and globally! I’m finding out that people are reading my column(even though they don’t comment,tsk tsk!)so I’m gonna keep on writing and let God continue to give me the topics that I need to write about because as long as it comes from Him, I’ll always be satisfied!!!!